About us


Competitive Gamplay.

BlueNinja is an old school gamer that came up as a gamer before achievements and trophies were handed out. BlueNinja’s platform of choice is the XBOX. You can find him in your favorite shooter chopping it up over comms or bringing you the latest in gaming news.


Combat Simulator.

#getRekt. Tweeek is an old school gamer with an affinity for fighting games. Tweeek’s platforms of choice range from the PC to PlayStation. However, he welcomes the challenge on any device to trade blows and always has his trusty Nintendo Switch by his side.


Game Mechanics.

DayDay is an expert in game mechanics. DayDay jams on any game that keeps the player engaged. He is a well-rounded expert in everything from RPGs to fighting to sports and action games. DayDay’s platform of choice is the PlayStation. He’s an old school gamer that still has his PlayStation 3 hooked up to replay some classics when he gets the itch.


Story Driven.

Skaliwags is always in an RPG or JRPG. Skaliwags is driven by story. Regardless of the combat system, game mechanics, or graphics quality, if it has a compelling story, it’s for Skaliwags. He is a Final Fantasy aficionado and his platforms of choice are PC and PlayStation.