Hands on with the Final Fantasy XVI Demo

SE got it right.

After the last numbered installment in the Final Fantasy series (FF XV) I was hesitant to see what Square Enix (SE) was going to do with FF XVI. My pessimism turned into hope as they announced that FF XIV producer Naoki Yoshida was XVI’s producer. I’ve been following the media surrounding the release and was patiently waiting for the demo release. Well, they got it right.


The demo lasts about 2 – 2.5hrs and we can transfer our progress to the main game, which is a big plus. The demo starts exactly where the main game will start and introduces you to the main protagonist, Clive Rosfield. We can get a feel for the controls, move around the Rosfield manor a bit, and engage in some combat. Additionally, we have access to the ability leveling system so that we can get acquainted with it. The demo also provides the ability to engage in one of the much-hyped “Eikon vs. Eikon” battles. All around, the demo was a solid thumbs up from me and I am looking forward to getting into the main game.

Try it before you buy it.

The demo is out now and available on the PlayStation store. Head on over and give it a download. The file is relatively small so with reasonably decent network connectivity you’ll be playing in 20-30 minutes.