The hunt for my first Platinum

Ok, I get it.

Growing up in the era of video games that didn’t hand out trophies and achievements for every little thing, I never understood the appeal of trophies and achievements tied to video games. Complete chapter 1, get a trophy. Slay the first boss, get a trophy. Yeah of course I did those things, I want to beat the game so…yeah, I completed chapter 1, I didn’t need a trophy for it. 100% of the games that I’ve played, regardless of platform, sit around 40% trophy completion. My trophy was always beating the game, a difficult boss, or that one level that just seemed to trouble my friends and I.

Enter Final Fantasy Type 0 HD

I’m currently on my eighth (maybe ninth) playthrough of one of my favorite entries in the Final Fantasy series, TYPE 0 HD. It is not for everyone, but I thoroughly enjoy the combat, realness of the story and narrative, and the gameplay. I’m about 75% of the way through the game when I get the common trophy notification. However, this time it was different, I didn’t recognize the trophy title. Or maybe I didn’t remember it. I didn’t feel that I did anything different in this playthrough than the others, but I was curious.

Off to the interwebs and I see it was indeed something new to me. Still curious, I decided to look at the description of the other trophies because maybe I missed something else. Lo and behold, there was a very interesting mechanic that I didn’t realize was in the game. Now my interest is piqued. However, each of the trophies seemed relatively easy to obtain and were tied to stuff that I was going to do anyway, except chocobo hunting. For the unfamiliar, chocobos are ostrich size chickens, that you can ride….and breed.

Trophy Hunting.

I did a quick check and noticed that I was 41/50 trophies complete. I thought to myself, well hell only 9 to go, I might as well complete it. I had a realization as I hunted for my first platinum trophy. The developers took the time to put something in the game and want us to experience it. I can play through a game numerous times and never touch it, so they put a trophy in front of it to entice us to try it out. I’m a huge supporter of developers and artists alike. So, for you developers out there, I get it. I’ll go hunt your trophies and try your content.

Happy Hunting.


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